The Worst Thing, I ever wanted to hear…..

Hello friends,

Today I’m going to share a story of a very dear friend of mine.

So, here is his story in his own words.


Hi, I am sharing my story on my friend’s blog as I don’t want to reveal my identity.

I am going to share the worst thing of my life which happened a few days ago. But before that, I have to tell you about myself.

I am a student of B. Tech 1st year in a private engineering college in India. I am from a lower middle-class family and the income of my family is very low. As my father is a security guard he earns nearly INR 13000 a month. Him being the only earning member of the family, it is very hard for us to lead our lives peacefully. He takes care of all the expenses of the family including housing, electricity, groceries, education, health care etc.

I belong to the general category, So me and my family receives no benefits of several government schemes despite   of our economical condition.

I had joined the college last year in the month of august. The yearly fee being more than the annual income of my father, my father borrowed money from his known ones to pay the fee of my first semester. In the meantime, I applied for an education loan in the month of October.

Now comes the most interesting part of my story.

I get into the second semester of my course and the college started to ask all the students including me to pay the full fee for that semester.

But….                                                                                                                                                                            my family is unable to do so as they didn’t have any money after paying the debts to all the people who gave us money during my first semester. And the fun part is that the bank in which, I had applied for an education loan of INR 4,00,000 had not even gone through the application only due to their negligence. I fulfil every criterion and I am totally eligible for the loan but even after that, i have not received any reply from them, whether positive or negative.

As I was unable to pay the fee for several days, my college now gave me a warning that if I didn’t pay the fee in a few days, my admission will be cancelled.

So, my mother asked me to ask for money from my friends in the college, as I had told her that my friends are ready to provide their help, whenever I ask.

She said that –                                                                                                                                                  Ask your friends to give you some money to pay the fee and tell them that we will pay them back within two weeks. If we get the loan from the bank we will pay them from that money or else………. I will sell all my belongings to pay them back.

This was the worst thing, I ever wanted to hear.

I knew that my family is going through hard times to afford my education.                                        But selling my mother’s belongings for me even, for my education and betterment of my future  was the worst thing on this earth, I ever wanted to do.

I have tears in my eyes while writing about this…….

Aryan Singh

A student right now, co-founder at Just started blogging coz its fun.

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