The Extra Mile: Difference between Winner and Loser..!!

So, a winner is what you want to be …


Here we are to help you in doing so………

and today I am going to discuss the difference between a winner and a loser.

  • What makes someone a winner or a loser?
  • What is the secret of winners that other people fail to know about?
  • What the winners do differently?

We are gonna answer all these questions to find the Elixir of Winning and being Successful.

But at first I wanna share something-

We all fix a goal to achieve, decide a race for us to win.                                                                                    Then, we start our journey with our full dedication & determination but then something happens and we either loose the motivation or we fail at the end.

  • Why does this happens?

This happens because we step on the first stepping stone of Success.


You shouldn’t be, because we all know that –

Failures are the stepping stones of success.

The moment we face a failure we lose hope, we get demotivated, we  forget the thought of being a winner, we start thinking that will we be able to survive the fierce competition.


Winner takes the most.


The real difference comes in the end when we are about to reach the goal, at that time most of us lose the interest and energy because every one gets tired when they reach very near to their goal. The reason is the long journey we had to cover to reach this point. So, at this point even after coming so close to achieve our goal, many of the people accept that the journey is too long for them to complete. So they quit.

But we know that for winning –

We Should Never Quit.

……and this the difference between a winner and a loser.

  • The failures refuse to go any further once they face a little failure in their path to greatness .
  • While the winners refuse to stop until they cover one more Extra Mile.

This distance of just an Extra Mile distinguishes a  Winner from others.

So, we can conclude that for winning –

  • We should have a NEVER GIVE UP mindset.
  • We have to  be willing to go that Extra Mile to realize our dreams.
  • We have to do whatever it takes to be a winner.

So,Hoping some words from you, I’m signing off..!!                                                                                 Goodbye!

Aryan Singh

A student right now, co-founder at Just started blogging coz its fun.


  1. Though the post is quite sound, I really think you should amend those grammar mistakes to avoid causing distraction and disinterest to the users. Good job though, keep it up.

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