What Will Productive Android Apps Be Like In 100 Years?

Can you imagine how productive apps will be like after 100 years? Just imagine, an android app is for waking you early in the morning!

You set an alarm to wake you up early, let’s say, at 5 a.m.

It’s morning, the alarm rang and you, like me, snoozed it. But this time, the alarm app will activate it’s anti-snooze mode when you snooze it more than 2 times. And it starts yelling at you just like your mom used to do when you resist to get up on Sunday morning.

And, guess what?

You get up by listening to the loud yelled up voice.

Wow! The Alarm clock is smarter now, it knows human behaviour!

Did I just mean Productive apps?

By android apps, I am assuming, you don’t keep only productive apps, but apps that entertain you too.

Along with, entertaining apps, you have security apps that can restrict some of the websites so that you don’t visit it or you don’t want someone to visit.

Let’s say, you have a work that requires you to sit with your laptop and put down your head and type continuously.

But the problem is, again human behaviour, we are easily distracted. We can get distractions very easily and it’s more common if you are working with your laptop that has an internet connection.

You are working on the first tab, chatting with a friend on the second tab, watching a YouTube video on the third tab, and google search engine on the fourth tab.

Wow! We are talented because we are multitasking. Right?


winner way


A Focussed brain is much better than a balanced brain. By balanced brain, I mean multi-tasking of the brain!

So, let’s say we have an app which can block the sites very strictly. We have sites which promise, blocking of certain sites but none of them is completely directive.

This app, after 100 years, can block those sites and if you try to go there, you will be directed to a penalty website!

Now, the penalty website will charge you because you tried to access the blocked sites.

No one wants to give a penalty, Would you?

So, in this way, the blocked sites will not be visited and we can be much more focussed on our work.

Aha! I really need that app now 😉


How will these apps be helpful in fighting addictions?

Let me tell you something serious now!

According to a post published in The Huffington post: Online Porn Statistics

  • Porn sites get more visitors each month than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter Combined
  •  30 percent of all data transferred across the internet is porn
  • Everyone you know watches porn, 30% of them are women and 70% are men
  • The Average Time spent on a porn site is 12 minutes. The average viewer visits 7.5 times per month
  • Porn industry is making more than 15 billion dollars every year


Now, you tell me, are these facts not enough to prove that porn is an addiction and it actually disturbs the human performance.

So my point is, after 100 years, we will have apps that will be much common(like we have apps to demonstrate the harmful effects of smoking and cocaine) to demonstrate how porn can be highly dangerous.

We will be able to have apps that can demonstrate, through human behaviour, which can control porn addicts to visit porn sites.


Can Android Apps tell us accurately how we will look like after, let’s say 20 years?

Maybe not now, but after 100 years, we can have apps that will tell us accurately, how we will look after 20 years.


This is really so interesting because we can have plenty of apps that can predict future through Astrology.


Again, human behaviour!

We are so curious to know about our own future, how things will change, what we will look like and all the possessive questions that we can imagine.



I want to know some of your imaginations, how you think about this topic, let me know in the comment section 😉



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