Top 5 reasons for reading Motivational Blogs everyday

Top 5 reasons why you should Read Motivational blogs every day !


I remember the joy when I completed reading my first book  in 1 month . It was awesome. That was not the only day , but it was just the first day of my life . Eventually I started liking reading books from different authors and motivation tips . Books of fiction , non-fiction , romance , humor , mystery and fantasy . I  remember when I got my first android smartphone , my cell took the place of my book for most of my time and it killed so much of my reading time . My laptop and cell became the enemies of my books but still I manage to read though slowly .


After some time , I started reading blogs in my phone . Now I can read more easily . What I noticed after reading motivational blogs ( or any blog) everyday is worth reading this article . Here the list goes on….


Reasons for reading Motivational Blogs everyday


1. Reading blog helps you to deal with your daily life problem easily .

I am too a human being and I know how it feels when someone ignore us or when someone hurt us .

reasons for reading Motivational Blogs

Everyone has their own problem to deal with and so we should not take anything so seriously .


Reading a blog a day will help you keep yourself motivated and fresh .


2. Reading blog will change you from a lethargic to a man of discipline .

You don’t need to think how this is going to happen , just remember that life is all about experiencing things while facing problem .

reasons for reading Motivational Blogs

Yes, my friend , life is harsh but sometimes we forget the beautiful things it gives us .


You have to change for a better tomorrow and for that reason you need to change yourself .


3. It will help your memory to get quick and non-volatile .

Yes , it does ! Trust me , I have experienced this thing on myself . I was a different guy few years back but now I am a changed person .

I remember my Principal Sir ,when I was in standard 10  , he used to tell us about importance of reading few things on a daily basis . He used to tell us to read just 2 pages daily and it will multiply itself into 6 books a year . Isn’t it great ?


4. Reading helps you improve your observation powers .

I want to tell you something important this time , everything we do is somehow related to our observation powers . We observe , we learn .

reasons for reading Motivational Blogs

We imagine , we do . Everything starts from observation and observation needs a brain and  a sound brain needs good reading habit . So what it needs is the habit of reading .


5. Reading blog improves your vocabulary and you .

A blog a day keeps the confusion away . Everyone is at par when concerned to their daily life . We don’t have time but do we really care for our brain ? We underestimate it’s power .

Let me tell you something interesting , let us consider that we read 1 hour daily . That means 1 book per week . Okay , let’s take it as 1 book in 2 week , that means 24 books in one year . Do we read this much ? No ! Not even half of estimated !

If we do it then all the problems will be solved automatically because our brain will know how to respond when it gets any problem .


I hope it was worth reading and in case if you are first time on my site , do take your important time for comment so that I can improve myself . After all I am learner and the best things I can learn is from you….


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