Top 5 Leisure Hobbies that will increase your Productivity

The Biggest problem with Leisure time?

The biggest problem with our leisure time is, obviously, waste of time. Isn’t it? So, here I am with the top 5 leisure hobbies that will bring a huge difference in your body and mind.

top 5 leisure hobbies

If we carefully observe our daily life, we are constantly wasting huge time. Huh?

So, there has to be some solid reason which can keep beholding us to not waste our precious time. By looking eye at each of the second that just slips from our life, we can definitely bring a huge impact in the long run.

How ? Well, the hobbies that I am going to list under Top 5 leisure hobbies that will increase your productivity, stimulate your soul, brain, and body to integrate and work together.

So, let’s start 😉


Top 5 leisure hobbies 🙂

1. Writing


The first one I mentioned writing because I am supposing you(like me) loves jotting down things in your journal. Don’t you?

Writing requires creativity, persistence, dedication and commitment but it is very helpful in improving the working of our brain.


top 5 leisure hobbies


Among the usual benefits such as improved ability to focus and express ideas cohesively, you also gain fantastic amounts of knowledge.

According to one of the post published in HuffingtonPost :

  • Writing by hand can help you learn better
  • Expressing emotion through words may speed up Healing
  • It could help change the way cancer patients think about their disease
  • Consider it a fundamental part of your gratitude practice
  • It makes your mind and body better
  • Could help you sleep well




2. Reading

top 5 leisure hobbiesReading is very important in order to increase one’s cognitive abilities, creativity and keep that brain young.

Not only does it relieve stress, but also stimulates your cerebral cortex by building new synapses and strengthening the existing ones.

Reading develops your vocabulary, verbal intelligence, and memory.


According to this YouTube video:

top 5 leisure hobbies

  • 75% of Self-made Millionaires report reading at least 2 books a month
  • Reading helps your brain to expand its horizon to a new level
  • Makes you extra smart than the average of your age group


3. Dancing

 Dancing is said to improve a person’s cognitive skills since it prepares the brain for prime learning.

top 5 leisure hobbies

A vigorous activity such as dancing pumps blood to the brain, giving it the glucose and oxygen it needs to function well.

Honestly saying, dancing really brings a huge change in your body!

I know it because I used to dance as an exercise to reduce my tummy last year. So, I includes this hobby in this list because it really does magic to your body.

Apart from body, it helps you think in complex ways that matter a lot!





4. Travelling

There are few things which help understanding human history, nature, cultures, languages, psychologies, religions, architecture, movement, urban design, transportation systems, and the inter-relationship.

Varieties of clothes, foods, and a new bond.

top 5 leisure hobbies

Here is a quote from Danny Kaye

To Travel is to make a journey into yourself


Travelling is one of the best investment in yourself. The more you travel, the more neural connections you will make.



 5. Meditation

 Harvard neuroscientist  Sara Laza conducted a research to find a connection between the mind and body during meditation.


top 5 leisure hobbies

Her findings show that subjects, who meditated had thickened parts of brain responsible for learning, cognition, memory, empathy, compassion and much more.


I hope you like this post. Tell me in the comment section what you think 🙂


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