The Hunger for Success..!!! Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Hey! we were just thinking how hard is the hunger inside us which can be the determining factor between the two sides of the same coin, the difference?  The coin is different.

In fact, here the coin is life.

So here we are again with a new post on a new (maybe not) & very interesting topic debate, discussion and thought- SUCCESS!!!


Everyone in this mighty world wants to get success or once wanted to be successful. So, what are the reasons or I would rather say the secret due to which only a handful of people achieve the success they dreamt of..??

Why most of us (80% of the world’s population) who once wanted to be successful in life are just leading a common life.

Here, we (you and me) are going to find the answers to these simple but mind twisting questions. So…..

  • What is Success..??

Seems to be a really easy question but has a very great and deep meaning in it.                                               Success is when we achieve the goal that we had fixed for us and bring a positive change in the lives of ourselves and people around us. Success whether a grand one or not, it brings happiness with it.

Success & Happiness these two words are inter-weaved with each other, where there is an actual success there is happiness and where there is happiness there has to be a success as a reason behind it.

  • What is the secret of Success?

The secret behind it is rather very simple. Most of us know about these….

These are:

  • Hard Work
  • Dedication
  • Faith in ourselves
  • Need/Hunger for the success.


So why do most of us fail to get success despite the fact that the secrets of success are so simple and most of us know about them already??

The main idea isn’t in knowing about these secrets but it is hidden in the formula of mixing these secret ingredients properly.

  • For achieving success the first and foremost condition is that- We should not have the Second Option.

The moment we decide the second option, we take our first step towards Failure.

This happens because when we decide a second option or a backup plan, we say to ourselves that- If I fail in achieving my goal, I will do this….. (i.e. I will change my goal).

This is the kind of mindset which leads to failure, because the first time when we are deciding a goal to achieve, at the same time we are deciding what we are gonna do after we FAIL.

When we are thinking of success we should not bring even a hint of failure in our minds, we have to be optimistic towards our goal.

This is where the faith and dedication part appears into the play. We have to be fully dedicated towards our with 100% faith in our decision and ourselves.

The choice of the second option certainly indicates that we are dedicated neither we believe that we can achieve the goal with our constant efforts.

Another very common example of the lack of dedication can be found from our own student life.

During our student life, we make time-table/routine for studying and then we start following it religiously. We do it for quite a few days and then we stop doing that.

Then we make a new study plan to follow and this whole process continues again after a few days we stop following that plan and prepare a new one.  


What actually happens during this whole process is that- We choose a goal, we decide a path to follow so that we can reach our destination and then after a few days we stop walking on that path.


Our Subconscious Mind observes this whole process and our behaviour and decides that we are not dedicated enough to achieve our goal and hence we eventually lose interest in our goal and fail to achieve it.

So to achieve our goal, if we make a routine/plan to work on, we have to stick to that plan come what may. That dedication towards that plan defines how much dedicated and interested we are in achieving our goal.

  • Opportunity and Time limit

We all know that Every Opportunity comes with a Fixed Time Limit. Whenever we get an opportunity to succeed, that opportunity is bound with a certain time limit and we need to realise this fact.

We are needed to take action in that time, only then we will able to grab that opportunity or else someone else who is more hungry is going to do that.

To take the action at the correct time we need inspiration and that inspiration comes from the Hunger for the success.



You need to be hungry for the success you need.


The more hungry you are, much grand will be your success. That hunger is going to push you to go that extra mile forward to achieve your goal. The success you want to achieve has to be related to you like your breath. Else you are not going to get it.

Just imagine a man who is equal to you in each and every physical aspect is not provided with adequate food for several months he is hungry and weak. He needs food to save his life. 

Then you and he are asked to fight for a plate full of food. After several months of starvation, he is not able to match you in any physical aspect. But…. 


What happens in the fight? Who is going to win?

The one who is more hungry is going to win it.

The physical aspects like strength are not going to matter, the thing which will matter is the mental aspect i.e. motivation to get that food/the burning desire to get that food.

This motivation, the burning desire will come from the hunger.


A person was lost in a desert without WATER. He had been searching for water for several hours but he could not. A time came when if he would have walked 10 more steps he would have died but before that, he fell to the ground and fainted. He was surely going to die in an hour or so. He doesn’t have any strength left in his body to even lift himself back from the ground. He was completely dehydrated. BUT….

A moment before he was going to die, GOD appeared before himself and lifted him and showed him a distant palm tree which was several miles away from him and said that if he walks to the tree he is going to find an Oasis where he can find a pond of water and save his life.

Now the question is- What he did? Was he able to reach that pond since he didn’t have the energy to walk even a few steps?

And the answer is that-Yes! He did it.                                                                                                                        He didn’t walk to the pond but actually, he ran till he reached it.

So, from where did he got the energy, the strength to cover those several miles? How was he able to run to cover that distance???

He got this energy from his FAITH and the NEED, the BURNING DESIRE he had in his mind to get WATER.

To succeed, you need to have that burning desire, the man had for water. You need to create the NEED of SUCCESS for you like you need AIR to LIVE.

Then only you are going to get it or else you will also join the league of the 80% people of the world who failed to achieve success.

You have to breathe success in order to succeed in life.

You don’t know what things are going to contribute to the success you are going to achieve after 2 years, 5 years or 10 years

Steve jobs, in his Stanford Commencement Speech, he talked about Connecting the Dots. There he told the audience about how his calligraphy course during the college years helped him in making the Apple Inc successful.


Every action you take today whether big or small is going to contribute to your SUCCESS or FAILURE a few years later. Every negative thought or action you take today will lead to your failure likewise every POSITIVE thought and action will lead to your SUCCESS.

So choose your actions and thoughts efficiently today and be a successful person whenever you want to be.

Be foolish, be hungry..!!!

Let me know your valuable thoughts and what you think about this post in the comment section 😉

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