How Social Networking is Revolutionizing the Entrepreneur Journey ?

The Social Networking sites have proved to be the boon for the Entrepreneurs and it has transformed their journey. You cannot neglect the power of social networking sites if you have recently started a startup or you are currently running a business. If you want to be fair enough in this competitive environment, you know what I am trying to make you understand.

How Social Networking sites are helpful?

The Social Networking sites have provided a perfect platform for the entrepreneurs to show Social Networkingand advertise their products and services.

Whether you are an android developer, web designer, software developer, logo designer, freelancer, new-startup guy,  a book author, and bla…bla…bla……

The truth is you need to advertise your product and services to get perfect audience and customers.



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What If you don’t Market Your product?


Suppose, you areSocial Networking an author and you just completed your book. Somehow the book is published and you are expecting your readers to know how your book performed in the market.

Here, if you do not work in marketing then the whole of your hard work and effort can take a U-turn.  It’s not just about working hard on something, it’s about the marketing of that product in a perfect manner. I don’t mean your product don’t keep and value.

Yes, it does but you are not in the 19th or 20th century. You are in 21stcentury where competition is huge. And customers have so many other alternatives.

Why would anyone come to purchase your book if they have never heard about it?  the fact is, people won’t buy a product if they have never listened its name and brand. They trust on their 5 senses. What they hear and listen about a product makes a lasting impression on them.


Advertising and Marketing


For example, last evening I was watching a television show and then ad break started. the ad was about a new application.

In that ad, it was shown, how human being are so busy in their smartphones and new applications that it hardly give then any time to see who is in front of them. That ad was about an app which gives different keyboard structures depending on the app to use.

After watching that ad I started thinking about it and that ad really made an interesting impression on me. That’s why I am writing it here. Isn’t it?

The bottom line is advertising and marketing of products are crucial if you are targeting your audience.

And the best platform I believe is these social networking sites.


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Social Media as a Promoter

Just think, how many people are there on social media. There are 2.3 billion active users on social media all around the globe. Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and on and on and on.

There is a huge audience to target with these sites.Social Networking

The social networking sites have given Entrepreneur a platform to showcase their hard work and their ideas. With one share, it again targets a new set of audience.

Basically, these social networking sites will work as a promoter for your product or the services that you offer.

You can have the best product but if you have no customer then that product is useless.

You will have to join hands with promoters, social networking sites, and ad companies to market your product.


How does it going to help you?

Making ads for the social networking sites and other internet advertisers will gear up your entrepreneurship journey.

Those ads lead the user to your site where you can offer your product to them.

The most important thing in any business or any startup is the marketing budget. You will have to set up a fixed budget for marketing. If not, you are going to lose in that part from your competitors.


A company which is not ready to invest in marketing is doomed to failure.


Why Social Networking sites?

TV is still a better source for advertising but it is too expensive. the expenses can go very high if you are going to have a new startup.

the online advertising companies and social networking sites are the best because it reaches to youth and it is quite affordable too.

There are blogs, social networks, advertising channels- they are all offering an advertising space. It is a great thing, very cheap and efficient.


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Improvement Time

Once you have set your foot in the market, you will get feedback from the customers which will do wonders for your product and services. You will keep trying to meet their requirements and while doing so you will have the finest product.

By making a new improvement, you will not just satisfy your existing customers but also attract new ones. this way you will build up a trust and bond with your them.

So, the most important thing in any business is marketing and the best marketing strategy is to do with social networking sites.


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