Selfish People : Increasing Selfishness , Wishes and Fantasies

Selfish PeopleAm I one of the selfish people? Hello friends, I am writing this post because I want to share something that I observed yesterday. One of my cousin, merely 6 years old came to my home last day. I was reading some content from Wikipedia and my little cousin brother looked at me.

He was smiling, when I asked what happened? He told me, he wants to use the laptop and he loves computer, laptops, tablets and smartphones. I can clearly see his love for his likes in his tiny eyes.

I don’t know why but I started relating this situation of his to mine when I was at his age. I also wanted to have my own laptop and a smartphone. But now, when I have these things, I don’t care. I care about something else that I don’t have.


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Ever Increasing FantasiesSelfish people

My desires have changed, my dreams changed and my fantasies to entertain me also changed over time. Why ? Because, we are never the same and that applies to our surrounding along with our embedded brain in it. We are constantly changing either we believe it or not. Our likes at one time can become dislikes other time. It’s all about the time factor that makes us who we are.

Now, don’t think I am trying to rotate my words along the same topic. I want to convey a more meaningful message that your brain can just imagine looking at the topic of this post. Who we are? Whom we belong? Why we change ? Why our dreams always increase after reaching a certain level? How ?

There are thousands of question but just one answer to all. Whatever is coming to our brain because of which we are taking any decision is just because of our ever increasing fantasies.

When we are kids, small things bring big happiness. When we are big, small things brings a big smile. Isn’t it? We are always in need of something to entertain our happiness. The ever increasing selfishness and our needs make us what we are not in reality. We change and the stop taking care of what this world thinks of us.


What are we actually doing?

Through this post, I just want to convey a simple yet effective message that can fill your heart with compassion and a soul with satisfaction. Do you think the example, I gave in the first paragraph, relates to our childhood? Yes, it does. And it is true. We are constantly trying to become something which is driven by our so called  Emotions. Is it true?

If we are driven by our emotions then what is the need to care so much.  Actually, the emotion itself can do nothing. But emotion with a mixed energy of our fantasies can actually shake anything known to the universe. We can actually change our identity, but our emotions and the embedded fantasies in it makes it a rigid thing.


Selfish People

Is it correct to say that we have become selfish people? Yes ? Maybe and maybe not too. What I believe everyone is selfish,  From the tiniest living microorganism to the giant organism living on the planet. And we as human beings though not giants, but we are actually the real giants because of our brain. And this makes us the most selfish organism found on the planet.


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The issue is not selfishness but actually our emotions are driven by fantasies which are dangerous. However, having some realistic fantasies is good but when emotions combine with it, it forms an energy. An energy which is called Ether, the natural element with which all universe is made.


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