One Android App that Can Direct Your New Life

A few weeks back, I was depressed and I really needed some sort of magic to happen so that my condition can become better rather than worst. I was not able to think anything, everything was looking too messy that I just can’t ignore and go to sleep. I needed to bring some changes in my life or I was not heading anywhere.

I was reading some random answers from and I came upon one beautiful answer that gave me a new option to reinvent myself. After all, I was not living, I was trying to live, trying to pass my time by ignoring the reality. Humans can’t hide the truth from only one! They Themselves! I knew my condition, my reality, my truth! I knew that I need to change something so that I can run myself rather than being crawled with huge anxiety and stress.

That answer said in very simple words. That nearly all the problems happening in our life is just because of one thing that we are constantly doing. COMPARISON! We compare ourselves with others, from neighbours, from friends. from strangers and from people who are much senior to us. Why? Because we can’t accept the reality! because reality sucks and it pains.

The purpose of this blog is not to tell you some magic but a simple advice! In fact, that simple advice which I read in quora is so effective that huge change has come in me withing 20 days or so. What is it?

Well, it’s an android application that I installed in my SmartPhone to make it a DumbPhone. What that application do? It does a very simple job that leaves you with so much time to work on your goals rather than wasting your precious time on social networking sites or watching useless youtube videos.


This android app becomes your mobile administrator and controls it rather than allowing it to control you. Keep Me out keeps you out of your mobile. Cool! Isn’t it?

What does it do?

It locks your phone for specified time period that you specify. Let’s say, I wanted to work on my blog for next 2 hours and don’t want myself checking facebook or whatsapp! I just set 2 hours time to keep me out of my phone. Now whatever I do, I can’t use my phone. Even I restart it or reboot it, it is not going to open. A plus point!

Especially for mobile addict people, this app is like an Angel for them.

After using this app for 20 days, I got time for Exercise, studies, walking, playing games like chess and writing blog of course.

Keep Me Out

android app

And yes, this is not self-promotion! I haven’t created this app. I am just a big fan of this app.


Do tell me if you use similar apps that gave you a new direction to your life in the comment section.


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