Make a few plans for the long run and it is time to be Happy

Long Run Mindset

I think, we human have a tendency to think about our problems and comparing it with all our friends. Though we don’t have any idea what their life is about and where their destiny lies, we keep comparing. Don’t we? We get depressed when we see our problems and start complaining God. I mean, come on, what God has done here. He might have some long run mindset for your career that you can’t even imagine it in your head. I think it’s appropriate time to make a few plans for the long run and it is time to be happy.

How should I start?

The basic question arises, how should I start my new life and move on. Well to make it more clear, I want to tell you how it happens.

it is time to be HappyThe first thing you can do is to make a long-term goal. Goals are of two categories. The first one is short term goal and the second is a long-term goal.




Short Term Goal

A short term goal is a goal which needs to be achieved usually below one year. No ! I don’t believe this sentence. I believe, a short-term goal either professional or personal is an achievable goal which needs less time and effort. It doesn’t make any sense if you just made a short term goal for the day and felt bad just because if didn’t accomplish it. Listen, it’s completely fine to fail and not able to complete the task that you set for yourself in the morning or the night before sleeping.

A goal making habit sets up your brain in high energy and you are able to make better decisions about your life. And it doesn’t matter if some of your decisions have made you feel more pain. After all, life is all about two step forward and one step back. This is how it works. You can’t just move ahead all the time leaving all your failures and life lessons back.


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Long Term Goal

This is what the main theme of this article. You need to forget all your past and make new decisions with strategic actions. If you keep memorizing all those failure past, you can’t move ahead. All those past things are just bad memories and not your dreams.

Your dream is something else that you haven’t got still and you need to work on your skills to get it. Right ? There is a huge difference between memories and dreams. You feel excited for your dream and regret for your memories. Isn’t it?

It hurts when we fail but the important thing in life is to get up even life throws you from 100 km long tower. Just forget all that happened . to make your tomorrow full of colors and happiness, only one person is responsible.  And He is not God but you! Only You!

Being in the state of mind which remains happy is not easy and if you are working on some long-term goal, you need constant motivation. A motivation that will keep you up even at the worst calamity.


These points are worth jotting down in your head….


1) Know where you’re going

This one may seem obvious, but it’s surprisingly not. The main reason so many people never truly accomplish their goals is that they never fully defined them in the first place.
You need to sit down and really think about what it is that you want to accomplish and why you want to accomplish it.
You need an end address to put in your mental GPS or else you are just going to get lost along the way.


2) Write your goals down

When you figure out exactly what you want to accomplish, write it down. Congratulations, you have a goal in writing and it is real now. But you’re not done yet.
Look at your goal every day when you wake up. Write it on your mirror so when you are getting ready in the morning it is engrained into your mind. You need to be constantly reminded of it. After all, what you think about is what you manifest into your life.


3) Look at others

When you are starting to lose your motivation, take a look at someone in your field or who is where you want to be. This will remind you of why you wanted to do this in the first place and should give you enough of a boost to get back on track.


4) Track your progress

Nothing is better than tracking your progress when it comes to long-term goals. The problem with long term goals is that progress is generally so slow that it is hard to notice how far you have come.

It’s only when you compare yourself to where you were 3 months ago that you will really realize, “wow, I have really come a long way.”
This is the fastest way to keep yourself motivated because you know that if you keep going, in another 3 months you will be even better.
This is especially true for people going through some kind of trauma or suffering. You may still feel horrible after 3 months of hard work and want to give up. But if you look back to how much more terrible everything was 3 months ago, it’s going to keep you on track. I speak from experience.


5) Hit the web

The internet is full of motivational resources, after all, you are on a great one right now.
Just reading through motivational quotes, looking at inspirational pictures or watching a YouTube video can be enough reignite the flame in your belly.
We’re at a time where technology offers us the power of a motivational speech at the click of a button. Take advantage of it.
6) Remember why you are doing this

There’s going to be times where you question yourself and think, “why am I even doing this, it would be so easy to just not care. So easy to just quit.”
At times like this, you need to go back and read what you wrote. You need to remember why you are doing this. This is why you wrote down your goals and why you wanted them when you started, that’s the key to long term motivation!
You’re going to be a changed person from who you were 6 months ago, probably for the better. But when you find yourself questioning, go back and remember why the 6 months ago you started this journey. Remember how shitty you felt, or how bad you wanted to succeed and get that desire back.


Just make sure it’s appropriate time to make a few plans for the long run and it is time to be happy. You don’t deserve that sad face and neither that bad mood. You deserve a better tomorrow.


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