Your Choice is going to make your life

Life Choices Makes Life Destiny

I don’t know what choice you took in your life but this choice of yours(reading this post) is appreciable. Yes, my friend ! Read this article on Life Choices and you will not regret it(Promise!). In this article , I will share a story of my friend too ,to illustrate my message . Take it or not but every result is somehow related to our choice. Isn’t it ?

My Friend’s Story- Mind Opening

Two years back , my friend decided to study medical(not his wish) because both of his parents were professional doctors. He took Biology in high school as his major. He put all his energy , studying day and nights brought him a second rank in a class of 100 students. I meet him to ask about his higher studies randomly. And he said , he don’t know. He said there is no use of setting priorities because in the end, parents decides our career .

I tried to make him feel better by saying some good words because I felt like he was depressed. I asked if he is not happy with his chosen field . And I was shocked to listen . He told me, he hates Biology and everything which is taught in the class. He studies all the time to make his parents happy. He never actually opt for Medical himself and if he wish, he would never go to that class and run away somewhere else.


The Next Big Move of My friend

I was stunned from his decision . Yes , this type of decision , we Indian students dares to take.  And he did. He told me after his board exam , that he cannot handle this pressure anymore . He decided to run away from his hostel after joining his medical college .

I advised him not to take such a decision and I was scared about what-will-he-do-then type things. He don’t listened to me because he already made a new choice for his life. He ran away right after the second day from his college and no one know where he is.

I really don’t know where he is right now and what if he read this blog. I don’t know if he will try to contact me if he reads it. I really don’t know !


What Life Choice He took ?

Do you think, the way he decided to run away just because he hated biology and medical, was good ? What I believe is , everything in this nature has its reason. He ran away because somehow the pressure of his subject crossed its limit. You can’t chase your dream carrying a heavy burden over your head.

Your head needs rest and your body too. Yes, he took a nice decision. And I am very thankful to God that he ran away. These days students prefer to hang themselves because of pressure . He ran away to follow his passion of photography. Atleast he will be satisfied  with his work and his effort.


How to make a Better Life Choice ?

Just ask yourself the same question and I am sure , you will get the answer from your sub-conscious mind. It has unbelievable powers to communicate with you when you really need it. Life is not just about making choices , it is all about standing at hard time when your choice is wrong. All your life choices will not bring happiness for you . Some of them will teach you a lesson .


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Before taking a choice  we hardly think about the consequences , we don’t even care. We care about easy things , which don’t needs the use of brain. Isn’t it ?


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