Inquisitive Mind drives exciting Energy to do any Task

Excitement – An Inquisitive creating thing that stimulates.

Today  you will feel  excited after reading this content. The inquisitive , curious and excited mind will definitely help you in this post. People says that ,it is an important and a driving force to do anything in this world . Are you satisfied with this saying of theirs ? No  ? Very nice , I am also in your side . What actually matters in the cause and consequence behind everything that we do .

I am not going to give you a boring blog to read on The Law of Cause and Effect  .

But yes , a certain degree of self understanding is important to do anything you choose . Isn’t it ?


My friends  calls me a hypothetical guy who imagines a work in his head and then forwards himself for that work to go on progress  . Am I ?

May be  , but I must tell you one thing for sure , our brain is more predefined for any work to be done.


What Inquisitive and excitement has to do with our life ?

Take for example , you wanna start jogging in morning but can’t  arise early (like me) in the morning , just follow one stupid trick and I am sure, from next day , you will be on your sports shoes and your shoes will sound thumping on the ground .


I remember , my friend saying me last night to wake him up in morning so that we can go for walk in morning  but it was a difficult task ( Yes , I am too lazy to arise early !) .


I told my brain with excitement in my inner voice to get me up by 6:30 am of morning and lo ! ,  I did get up at 6:10 am .

I was surprised from this experiment of mine  .


Now one question from my dear readers , do you think I would have get up myself if that inner excited voice last night would not have told me to arise by 6:30 am ? Huh?

Yeah , I would have ignored that too but it was something that we call a driving force that comes from within ourselves . Isn’t it ?

Aren’t  you excited that is inducing some kind of Read-on  driving force within you  ? Does it ? Now I am going to call off your attention from this blog to something that you have to imagine . You are ready , right ?


Just imagine yourself to be some kind of energy that is  inexhaustible and still be a human being , what things would you have been doing ? An energy source  which is inexhaustible  its terrific , Isn’t ?


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In the same way , our brain can take that form but its validity is not so long because of which  we end up exhausting our-self sooner or later  . But excitement has its own way of inducing energy that will keep you on your way .

To use it , we need to create that mentality so that we can work on it . It is of course not easy , if it were , it weren’t worth it .

Inquisitive Mind

InquisitiveThe exciting energy that we hold in our brain knowingly or unknowingly is because of our inquisitive mind. What is Inquisitive mind ?

Well , Inquisitive means curious and so , the brain curiosity is called its inquisitive.


I believe , an inquisitive mind is well equipped with opportunities because it knows its values better than others.

A curious mind is always ready to learn things and achieve things by applying his known knowledge .

Inquisitive personality

The curious mind forms a personality that helps him to know more things. There is a universal law , I am sure you know it. Like Attracts Like is the universal law that holds true in all spheres of our life.


An Inquisitive personality is developed when we are constantly trying to improve our brain functioning , when we stop caring the unimportant things present all around us , when we start thinking of our society as a whole instead of thinking of personal matters all the time .


An inquisitive personality is welcomed everywhere because the world can understand the basic universal language of this world .

Everyone know what the person is going to be because of simple omens and the personality language that makes all the difference.


Have you seen Mr. Bean ? I am sure , you are known of his inquisitive personality . Don’t you ?

I really like his excitement of acting like a stupid. His stupidity is a different form of personality . Isn’t it ? Try to notice and let me know what do you think in the comment section.



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Do comment to tell me your views and please help if you have some really nice ideas so that I can help my inquisitive mind .


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