The Idea of Entrepreneurship – Why Entrepreneur or Something ?

A couple of years back, when someone was asked: “What do you want to become in life ?”. The expected answer would be an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer or a teacher. But if now you ask the same question, there would be one more answer with a very high number of votes. Yes, it is Entrepreneur! The Idea of Entrepreneurship evolved with many illogical thoughts.

People hold many misconceptions about this topic. They think, selling their product or servicesIdea of Entrepreneurship is Entrepreneurship. No, it is not!

I will give you a clear cut idea of this broad term after a while. Right now, please tell me, why you wanted to be “something” and why not “something else”?


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Logic Behind becoming anything

The basic answers that I get from my friends or cousins includes the following:

#1. To make handsome money.

#2. To get a status in life.

#3. To be happy.

#4. To live a Luxurious life.

#5. To enjoy rest of their life with their money.


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I hope these are the most common reasons for becoming anything that you are holding in your little head.


Idea of Entrepreneurship

Now, let me tell you, what is the idea of Entrepreneurship:

Idea of Entrepreneurship

Idea of Entrepreneurship

#1. It is not about making money, but about customer trust and satisfaction.


#2. It is not about to get a status in life but to solve an existing life problem through an innovative idea.


#3. It is not about being happy but to Keep Up during constant rejections from people.


#4. It is not about having a Luxurious life but to help common people make their life luxurious and easy.


#5. It is not about enjoying life with your money but to enjoy your work, services and customers.


Money is just a Byproduct of Entrepreneurship, it is not a part of it.


This is what the idea of Entrepreneurship tells. It’s quite easy to read and say but hard to implement.

The constant rejection in the journey of entrepreneurship makes you a quitter if your desire of becoming successful is not stronger than your fear of failure.


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A person who sells products and services is not an Entrepreneur.


Idea of Entrepreneurship


A person who earns trust and satisfaction from the customers is an Entrepreneur.


The Famous Saying

Abraham Lincoln said:

Democracy is a government:

#1. of the people

#2. by the People

#3. for the people


Accordingly, Entrepreneurship is:

#1. of the Customer

#2. By the customer

#3. For the Customer.


Idea of Entrepreneurship

And yes, Entrepreneurship is not about showing off. It is a matter of pure soul embedded with honesty(most precious quality) 🙂


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