I love Watching Movies – Do you want to know My why ?

I love watching movies- What about You ?

I am sure , you watch movie but after knowing the top 5 reasons why should watch movies , you will keep  movie watching hobby in your priority list . I love watching movies and I think you do it too! Yes, there are psychological reasons which will convince you but here the list is about your brain productivity because of watching movie .


There are movies releasing everyday , I am not saying you to keep watching all of them . What I mean is watching movie once in a week is definitely going to improve your productivity . Let’s see why we should watch movies……


1. Movie reflects our society

Movies are the best example which reflects the view of our society and how things work in reality . The story movie is somehow related to real life .

It reveals the bitter , harsh , happy , sad and excited moments of our society . You learn more better when you are in theater in comparison to the stories you get to know from your grandfather .


2. To know the Untraveled Path 

I think , this one reason is alone enough to convince you to book ticket for the coming adventurous movie . Yes , movies help us to know things out of our theoretical knowledge regarding any tourist/new place .

I love watching movies

The Untraveled paths doesn’t mean new forest route , what it means is already clear to your subconscious mind I think .

Our brain is a good understanding thing but we always underestimate it’s power .

When the topic is about knowing the untraveled path , your brain knows how to manage all the incoming data because somehow it is it’s natural work to concentrate on new and unknown things .


3. Connect  new Neural Paths 

You will not believe but the studies reveals  that  if you watch a movie a week , you are far better than all the average guys .

The audiovisual effect in movie and the eagerness to know what will happen next helps our brain to improve it’s horizon . Yes , new neural path are made when you get to learn something new from that movie .

Now , next time you watch movie , be a learner and not just ordinary guys who watch it only for entertainment . Your brain is not a 612 GB hard disk , so stop  watching movies for entertainment , always work on lessons that you get to learn from it .


4. Improves our decision/Judgement making power

Either you believe or not but you must have observed that after watching movie , you take better decision .

Your brain is more alert and it knows the pros and cons of taking a different decision . The interpretation power of your brain is also involved while taking decision .

This is basically responsible to think about the happening and non-happening incidents  . The judgement powers i.e. to guess in advance about a particular person or a situation also gets improved .


5. To improve our imagination  power

Imagination is the third step learning process in our brain .  The first step is observation followed by interpretation of observed things . Then the third step starts with imagination of interpreted things .

I love watching movies

If you watch a good movie i.e. you are giving good inputs to your brain through your observation technique .

Your brain then imagines accordingly . Imagination power is not an easy topic because everything starts with imagination .

There are still more reasons why I love watching movies which forces me to watch a movie every alternative day.

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