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Have you ever listened to the name Daniel Ally?  And How to become a Self Made Millionaire? Well, here I am going to tell you the secrets that can make you a Millionaire. And I will Introduce you with the some of finest ideas that will bombard your head to think from a different point of view.

From zero to a self-made millionaire and his success story is worth reading for all the upcoming entrepreneurs. He is a motivation to many youths.


What is the Unwrapped definition of the term Success?

The word success means different thing to different people. What it means to an IT firm fresher is different from a fresher in college. What success means to a kinder-garden is different from what it means to a mother.

But let me tell you what success meant to Daniel Ally: Success is all about self-expression, being what you want to be, doing what you want to do, going where you want to go. Simple !


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Our parents, teachers, friends and neighbor always guide us how we should take a decision. They always tell us what life decision we should take and how we can succeed in life.

But if you are trying to be what other people are telling you then who will be you.

There has to be a unique you which is different from what your relatives have told you to be. You cannot be something they want because they have no idea what exactly you are and what capabilities you posses. Do you?


Who is Daniel Ally and How he became a Millionaire?

Daniel Ally is an author, entrepreneur and a very nice motivating speaker. His life history will make you ask, how he did it?

At the age of 21, he already worked 40 different jobs. He got fired from more companies then he got hired. In high school, he graduated second from last and the last guy is in jail.


How to become a Self Made Millionaire


He was on drugs for 8 years. He was confused, broken, busted and disgusted. He somehow knew he wanted to change but the only problem he doesn’t know how? I think, this is the main problem we all have. Isn’t it?


How to become a Self Made Millionaire?

So, the basic question arises, how he became a millionaire and how to become a self made millionaire?

The main idea is behind BIG.


What is BIG?

Calm down, BIG is the abbreviation for Books, Individuals, and Goals

BIG is not just a simple word actually, it contains three ideas that he(Daniel) applied in his life to become what he is. Perhaps, the greatest discovery in human history is that you become what you think. Great! Isn’t it?

Since Daniel wanted to change so BIG came in his brain and changed his life. These ideas worked well for him so he knew it can work for others too. By the age 24, he already became a self-made millionaire, wrote 3 books, traveled to dozens of countries and reached millions of people with his work. Wow!


1. B for Books

Read more books and increase the horizon of your brain. Daniel believes that all the books in the world can solve all the problems of the world. But we don’t have to read all the books because we don’t have all the problems. But we have to read books to solve our problems.

If you want to make money then read books that talk about money.

If you have problems regarding relationship then there are thousands of books, read them.

You can read adventurous books to improve your logical powers.

Do you know, books are the tools that release the heavens of your mind? It means, reading varieties of books will make you enough smart to solve varieties of the problem. Leaders are Readers if you don’t want to become a follower read books and increase your brainy.

Daniel in his TED talk discussed many ideas. He also said that most people read one book throughout the year and that one is Facebook.

I am not protesting facebook, I just want to say, people waste so much of their time using that book which contains miscellaneous things.

If you read miscellaneous things, your work will be miscellaneous and not straight. You become what you study.

We all have time and if we put 10 minutes a day into our reading habit, it will transform into one book a month. One book a month is 12 books a year.

That means we can read 12 books in one year what average man takes 5 years. This pushes our IQ level ahead of them by 5 times. Remember Leaders are readers!

Cheers Readers 😉


2. I for Individual

We are the sum total of 5 people which we surround ourself most of the time. Ask yourself, who are your leaders and where are they taking you?

You need people who can inspire, who can help you and help you to reach your desired goal. By getting around right people, you help yourself. But how does it is related to our main question: How to become a Self Made Millionaire? The answer lies in the mindset. The simple Universal law says: Like attracts like. That means, to be a millionaire, or successful, you need right individuals.

We have default friends- friends from the neighbor, school, grocery-shops, gym, park or mall. But all these friends cannot help us to reach our goal.

If you are highly ambitious and have really high goals, a lot of these people can help you reach there where you want to reach. So you have to look outside and search for them.

Daniel Ally mentioned about one of his friend who gave him an advice regarding business. He told that 98 percent of business fail in 3 years of establishment and so business is not something Daniel should go for.


Should I say what happened then?

He proved his friend wrong and that is the reason you are reading about him. Isn’t it?

Daniel says: No one’s opinion can become your reality and in order to change your reality, you will have to change your mentality.

Get around people who are smarter than you, ahead of you, more experienced than you!


If you are in a room where you are the best, you are in the wrong room. Simple !


The ultimate truth is, people whom you are looking for are also looking for you. You just need to be a better observer when then come and identify them through your heart.


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3. G for Goals

Set higher goals! When you set high goals for you, automatically great energy comes out of you which forces you to become a natural force of nature. While thinking of How to become a Self Made Millionaire? Always, remember how to make bigger goals.

For better accomplishment, write your goals down in your journal, so you can keep track of all of them. You cannot take it lightly, after all, it’s your goal and it will transform your life.


What is 20-Idea Method? 

Daniel advises adopting 20-Idea method. The method is simple.

You choose any goal and for the accomplishment of that particular goal, search 20 ideas. You take those ideas and practice it.

Let’s say, you want to be a better public speaker. Then your goal is to become a public speaker. According to the 20-ideas method, you simply have to search 20 ideas which you can apply in your life. For example, you can practice speaking in front of a mirror, look dictionary regularly and challenge yourself harder.


We have everything we need in order to succeed but we have to take the things to get more other things we want.-



If we believe in yourself, all the world will believe in you!

So, I think you know the answer of: How to become a Self Made Millionaire?

Do tell me, how you feel and what are your thoughts in the comment section.


And this is how the BIG is: Books we Read, Individuals we Meet and Goals we Set!

Books Individual and Goals, make you a self-made millionaire.

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