12 Free Android Apps that will change You and Your Sweet Android Phone

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About 12 Free Android Apps includes many things. But in this article, I am going to share with you the 12 free android apps that will bring a huge change in you.

It will help you do your work more efficiently, improve your learning skills, unlock new potential from your brain and give you more free time to maintain a healthy balance between your Work-Life and Body.

Our Smartphone has become an integral part of our life and the android applications that we install define our life to a large extent. And the free android apps are most important:). Last month, I realized my phone is consuming so much of my time and I thought to change my habit but didn’t work any of those ideas.

So, I thought from the reverse psychology point of view and finally came with this idea. If I change some of the android apps with some other apps that keep value and improve my learning skills, the problem will be solved. And Yes, my problem was solved.


Heard About 12 Free Android Apps that will Improve You?

Either you believe it or not, but most of the apps in our android are free. isn’t it?Free Android Apps So, here I am with 12 free android apps that will definitely change your life to a far extent. How? Let me elaborate the situation before listing out the top 12 android apps that will take part in improving your life.

Just one month before writing this post, my phone used to contain apps like, Facebook, Messenger, WhatApp, Instagram, Snapchat and some other useless apps that almost ruined my life(especially facebook!).

So, I uninstalled all these applications and installed the 12 free apps that I am going to enlist within a while.


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How Uninstalling Facebook and similar apps helped me?

Honestly, since I don’t know whether you like reading in bullet session or number session, I am going to state the reasons in bullet points;)


  • First thing first, it helped me in improving my concentration at things that matter most to me. Being a part-time blogger, it is important for me to learn more things in my field instead of scrolling down my facebook feed. isn;t it?
  • I utilized my time more wisely. Since, after uninstalling those apps, I installed 12 free android apps and those 12 apps helped me manage my time in important things. it helped me gain more knowledge and facts that I really didn’t know.
  • It improved my listening and speaking skills. And writing skills too.
  • I started reading mind blowing facts and blogs which improved my vocabulary. It expanded my brain. It taught to thing in reverse psychology;)
  • It helped me in maintaining my body weight and controlled my belly to take horrible shapes. Thank God, my tummy is in control and I have not become overweight.
  • It taught me one more thing, instead of wasting time with people talking about nonsense things, I used that time to read stuff that matter. The fewer people you chill with, the less bullshit you make!!!!(Yes, four exclamation marks)
  • I learned a lot of things in the last 30 days and this is important because it has really brought big changes in my thought process and my ability to grasp things quickly:)



I am really sorry for taking this much time before enlisting the 12 free android apps. I really apologize for it. But I thought you will be interested in reading 12 free android apps along with the reason. Isn’t it? Reasons are important that make any product or service worth it. Right?


As I already stated, I am being unknown whether you like reading things in bullet session or number. I used bullet last time, so this time I am going to use Number things. Hope you will like it;)

Note 1: I researched all these apps from myself out of my interest and curiosity.

Note 2: All the images below are screenshots taken from my laptop.

Note 3: All the images contains the link to the app.

Note 4: Don’t think, I will get any type of commission or points if you click on the links. These are Free Android Apps !!


1. Forest

This app will plant productivity in your mind. How? It’s simple.

Free Android Apps

Actually, it’s like a timer which you set for a work. In case, you want to quit in middle the app shows a button “Give Up”. And the best thing, if you leave the app without clicking on the button, your planted tree will wither. This will keep you in progress. Even you want to quit, you will not do. Just try this app, I am sure you are gonna fall in love with your forest.


2. Quora

This is a question-answer platform. What does it do? You will find questions of every kind here that will increase knowledge. The answers are from experienced and experts, so a great platform to learn varieties of things.

Free Android Apps


3. Pinterest

This app has made me fall in love with it;). Why?

Free Android Apps

Actually, it specifically shows images which are called pins that you can save. you can even go to the website after clicking on the image and I love reading the content behind the beautiful pins.


4. TED

This app is the source of inspiration for whatever you want to become in your life.

Free Android Apps

It is actually a platform where great minds come to share their experiences. A great source to learn things from expert’s experience.


5. Wattpad

This app is actually the free book reading and book publishing platform. in case, you are a great lover of reading things(like me), you too will love this thing.

Free Android Apps

It allows forming your own library by selecting books of any genre you like. I have a great library in my cell:)


6. FocusAtWill

Focus@Will is actually music thing. What does it do? It helps you feel relax and calms while you work. You can switch any music(I prefer piano music) and listen while reading, writing, working or any work you like.

Free Android Apps

A great app, I think, because it really helps mind feel so soothing.




7. Unblock Me Free

This is actually a puzzle game. And I am sure you will get addicted to this little thing.

Free Android Apps

It really gives challenging puzzle in the form of blocks that you have to unblock using different tactics that only a sensible brain can do.



8. Learn English

This app is actually from the British Council and it is an educational app. What does it do?

Free Android Apps

It offers you the debates from Harvard business reviews, podcasts, and episodes of realistic type drama. I really love listening to the “Big City, Small World” of this app. you just try, and tell me how you feel about this episode the in the comment section.



9. Lumosity

It is a brain challenging game designed by Neuroscientists. There are varieties of games available for every part of our brain.

Free Android Apps

It offers three different games daily free. To get full access, it charges some money.



10. Podcast & Radio Addict

As it sounds, it is a podcasting app. It also provides radio podcasting.

Free Android Apps

I personally feel this app is a great thing if you want to improve your listening skills. It really does magic to your ears. Just try it !!


#!#. Audiobooks from Audible

It actually charges money, so it is not Numbered.

Free Android Apps

I enlisted it because it is really a very nice app. it offers audiobooks. That means you don’t need to hold your book in hands and read. Just take earphone and this app will narrate the book for you.

Hey! Don’t worry, there is one app which gives free access to 1500 books! I mean Audiobooks. it is in number 11.


11. Librivox Audio Books Free 

As I said before, this is a free app for audiobooks.

Free Android Apps

So, just hang on your physical book and listen to the books from the comfort of your earphone;)


12. Nike+ Run Club

This app is magical. It saved my tummy to grow in size and kept me fit:).

Free Android Apps

As the name sounds, it is an app that is made for running daily. It challenges you to run a mile a day. Simple!!


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In case, you have are known more apps that you use for increasing your productivity and learning skills, please let me know through the comments.

And if you find this useful, share it with your friends 🙂


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