How it feels to write after a huge Gap? And why the Gap Comes?

I remember the last time, I posted my blog on my site and felt like pro-writer on his way. Then some setbacks and I was back. I stopped writing and there was a gap which seemed like crushing me from inside.

So why did I stopped writing?

I don’t know is my simplest answer when I want to escape from a moment of responsibility. Why did I stopped writing and why I started comparing myself from people whom I don’t consider my leaders?

Let me tell you something, it’s not just about writing or any other profession, it’s a lot more!

I remember the last time I posted my blog on 9 January and it’s been a month I haven’t written.

The voices inside me were shouting, they wanted to come out, they wanted to scream more loudly but I didn’t allow them to anything. Somehow, those voices grew louder and they wanted to be free.

You can’t control something inside yourself forever especially if it means something big from your side.

For me, writing is like, allowing the birds to fly freely without caring how long they will fly and how they will feed them.

But I did learn something. I learned a lesson, I learned to understand a voice that always wanted to say me. It wanted me to understand but I never approached my emotions with responsibility.

I ignored them! But today while writing these things here, I am feeling empowering my emotions which is filled with deep understanding.

I want to ask them, I want to know more about them, I want to start a conversation with them! But all of them are coming out in the form of words in this post. Today I will not control them, I will let them scream louder and come out with more compassion.


Answering my own question,

I stopped writing because of my fear!

The fear of being broke when my blog will not run the way I wanted!

The fear of facing rejections!

The fear of not getting what I always dreamed of!


But if I see this from a larger perspective and increase my field of view, these are the common fears that stop us from chasing our goals. The common mistakes that majority of us repeat instead of learning and moving ahead.


When you care about results, you are scared! When you care about improving and learning, you get ahead!


Let me tell you something, today I watched a Ted Talk where Matthieu Ricard(Biochemist turned into Buddhist monk) was talking about the habits of happiness.


He discussed a lot of things but one thing that came into my mind very sharply is the term brain plasticity which is known as Neuroplasticity in Neuroscience.

He was saying that through meditation we can rewire our brain and make completely new connections. It is the same as I read about Neuroplasticity.

Actually, around 40 years ago, scientist believed that our brain cannot be changed once we grew up(adult!) and so, once a habit is formed, it cannot be undone.

But thanks to neuroscientists, they discovered that brain is a highly plastic thing and can be changed throughout life. New neurone connections are made everytime we do something new which eventually leads to a better brain.

Isn’t that a good news?

It is! So, in case you have a brain that

  • give up very easily
  • loses temper
  • scared of rejections
  • have fear of failure
  • resist change
  • is so lazy

By the help of Neuroplasticity, we can form a brain that will help you accomplish more things. Even I need to rewire my brain so that next time I don’t feel bad or lose temper or feel the same fear.


Just imagine, we rewire our brain that can control our emotions, our world will be different.

But as always, nothing comes easy. Everything has a price and to get such a plastic brain(remoulded brain) we need effort and time. We can’t think of getting a completely changed brain overnight.

The time we were born, we were not born with this fear or this rejection things. We built this brain over time, so it is going to take a time to change this brain too.

But the truth is, it is possible!

Soon, I will write more articles on how we can do this. The Neuroplasticity subject has attracted my attention a lot.



Do let me know in comment section, what you think of your plastic brain and what steps you are going to take to rewire it 😉




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