Exam Stress is ruining my memory and life – How to Get rid of it ?

Can you imagine the pressure in the mind of a student before an exam? And especially, if he is appearing for his board exam or any entrance exam. That stressful situation when he is about to enter the exam hall. Just in case if you remember your exam days, you are familiar what kind of stress I am talking about. Don’t you? Exam Stress is ruining my memory and life, is this your heart saying so aloud? Are you under stress just because of a 3 hour-something that make us feel super stupid?

I think, you need to know something before you can start your exam preparation. I don’t know, to what degree this article will help you in your exam. But I am sure, it will make you feel better and in control so that you can focus on your preparation.

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Why I feel Stressed before the exam?

You never know the level of stress unless the exam day arrives. Isn’t it? So, why we feel it and how does it happen? Let me tell the why with the following points.


#1. Lack of Motivation

You must be looking so cool before the exam but trust me, that’s not the whole reality. You might be lacking the motivation needed by your brain to do a certain degree of the task. Somehow you are demotivated, either you are not interested in the subject or you don’t care for it.

You might be superb in playing chess but feel helpless in the exam. It’s okay, no big deal. See, you are motivated enough to play chess with your super concentration but lacks motivation when it comes to exam preparation. So it leads to stress.


#2. Lack of preparation and planning

Planning and preparation are something that builds the blueprint of your success in any field. A certain level of preparation and planning can convert you from an average scorer to high achiever.

There is no reason to be an average or below average. If you are getting an opportunity, why not to perform well. Just plan everything and start working on it. Simple!

The key here, you cannot simply prepare unless you are devoted to it. Isn’t it? So what I tell you to do, is this: Always say to yourself  “I am working on my Exam-Preparation-Project” rather than “I am preparing for the exam”.

Why? Well, the answer lies in psychology. Your brain feels more responsible when you are given a project to work. You feel more excited when you slowly start biting your big project into small.


#3. Competition from Friends

Competition is Comparison! No, I am not against competition but I am against comparison. A healthy competition includes improvement rather than limitations. This is the key to moving on the ladder of success. If you keep competing your friends, you are setting a limitation for yourself. Why put a barrier? Why compare your grades from your peers. Come on man, you gotta challenge yourself to achieve more.


#4. High expectations

Exam markers understand students undertake exams with some nerves. So, while it’s true you do need to still put forth some quality content to get a good mark, the normal rules of perfect grammar, spelling & Co are not as strict as when it comes to an essay.

So, be sure you commit to doing well: but know its understood your human are a very good – rather than ‘perfect exam’ – is what the markers are looking for.

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Focus is what you are seeking. You have a finite amount of Focus. However, what you need is not Focus, but Habit.

1) Study, then study some more. If you are still conscious, continue studying.
2) Take care of your body and mind. That means a healthy diet, plenty of sleep, etc. ESPECIALLY immediately before the test.
3) Forget everything you studied, do something fun before the test, take a break if you need and are able to during the test.


What Should I do?

#1. Try to get a good night’s sleep.

#2. Ensure you do prepare in the days and weeks prior to minimizing stress.

#3. Know nobody does a ‘perfect exam’

#4. Plan something fun after

#5. Learn a simple relaxation sequence. Folks like to call it, a “meditative ritual”


How to be Calm?

#1. Know what is expected of you.

#2. Study in conditions similar to your test room.

#3. Take notes in class and listen very carefully.

#4. Manage your time wisely.

#5. Know where you study best.

#6. Take frequent Breaks.

#7. Stay Hydrated.

#8. Use Pomodoro technique.


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Tips for Exam Day

#1. Eat a proper exam day breakfast.

#2. Take water with yourself and keep your brain hydrated.

#3. Watch your Caffeine intake.

#4. Arrive early in your exam center.

#5. Read instructions carefully.

#6. Avoid Rushing.

#7. Chew some gum if you feel nervous.

#8. Ask your instructor if you’re stuck somewhere.

#9. Breathe calmly, don’t be stressed.

#10. Don’t think about what-will-happen type things.

#11. Treat it as a learning experience.


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