How to book Confirm Tatkal Ticket from IRCTC in 45 seconds ?

How to book Confirm Tatkal Ticket from IRCTC  in 45 seconds ?

I am sure you must have tried IRCTC website for booking ticket but tatkal ticket booking is a big issue . Isn’t it ? Here I am to show you how you can book tatkal confirm ticket through IRCTC  website . Just read this article till the end so that you won’t miss anything . I am using Google Chrome …

Note : Do all the Setup before 10 am !

Step 1 : Type ‘tatkal now’ in Google search engine .

Step 2 : Click on “Tatkal Ticket Now-Chrome Web Store-Google” . Click on “Add to chrome”   from chrome web store .


A pop-up appears , click on “Add Extension” . This will be added to your browser.

Step 3 : Now log into your IRCTC account from new tab.

Step 4 : Click on green tab on right-top-most  toolbar of chrome browser . Click on “Add Tatkal” .


Step 5 : Now fill up all the IRCTC login details , travel plan,  passenger details and payment details(as per your choice).


Step 6 : Set Quota as Tatkal and check “None” in Auto Upgradation . Click on “Save and Book Later ” .

Step 7 : Now click “Book Now ”  from the same green icon pop-up at the right-top-most at 9:59:56 AM .


The most important things that I learned while booking my tatkal ticket are as follows :

1. You must have fast internet connection so that while loading the page , you can reliably click on payment option .

2. Don’t refresh the page when the transaction is going on .

3. Keep all the setup ready before 10 am so that you can book your confirm tatkal ticket when the IRCTC clock strucks 10 !

4. Use google chrome because it is faster in comparison to opera and internet explorer .

5. Keep all the documents ready in your hand like your Aadhar Card , PAN card etc. so that it will not create mess during the Real-Action-time !


I hope this post will be helpful in booking tatkal ticket for you . If you find this post helpful then please share it with your friends , relatives and family members .

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