Am I a loser just because I failed and started doing different things ?

Why am I feeling like a loser ?

Okay , just calm down my friend ! Since you are already feeling like a loser , give me some minutes to make you feel better . Just  few minutes, read this post and you will not regret your decision . Am I a loser ? Are you asking this question from yourself and getting a positive answer from your subconscious brain ?

Are you feeling like dull and not doing any work ? Does it make sense if I say , you are not able to control yourself from thinking all the wrong things that might happen in future(about which ,you are not sure). Yes ? Okay , then you need the antidote for your brain in the form of reading this post . Take it !

Am I a loser ?

You must be saying yourself something like :

You are pathetic. You are worthless. There are so many people better than you- more intelligent, more athletic, more attractive, more kind… You deserve none of the things you have.

No , you are not ! Trust me . You are not a loser , you are a victim of your own problems. You are even not sure about this feeling , so you are not loser . You have typed some words on search engine and reached here , doesn’t make you a loser . You are curious about that strange feeling about which you have no idea.  My friend , I want to tell you why you are feeling like this and what forced you to meet me here.


I am easily entertained by my thoughts

One way I am able to drive away negative thoughts- and I’m not saying this works for everyone- is talking to myself out loud, positively. I spend the majority of my time in silence with my thoughts- that’s how I like it. I am easily entertained by my thoughts, so that I rarely bored, even when doing a dull or repetitive task. So I naturally talk to myself as well out loud. I do not think I have schizophrenia or psychosis or anything like that- I am aware that I am talking to myself, not another person- and aware that it is rather unusual.


I am not saying, I never got this feeling

I won’t say that I don’t get these dark thoughts and words telling me that I’m a loser who will never contribute anything or have worth. But it has become easier to tell them to leave

and to replace them with positive thinking. I know it sounds stupid and cheesy and cliche but it’s true- having a positive mental attitude is hugely important. And it’s far better than asking yourself , am I a loser ? These words have enormous effect on your subconscious mind.

Stop telling yourself you need this or that to be a ‘winner’.  Its who you are that matters, and you only need to begin to truly understand your true nature.  You have a false perception of yourself that is limiting and painful.  You have made yourself feel like a loser, the world didn’t because it doesn’t have that power.  Anything the world gives you, it has the right to take away. 


What Should I do ?

I suggest you start focusing on how to be helpful to others and quit worrying about being a winner or looser.  That is no way to go through life.  It is a pretend game, a joke.   We live in duality.  Gain, loss, happy, sad, black, white, up, down, etc.  We all wins some and lose some in the world. It doesn’t make any sence if you ask yourself : Am i a loser ?

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Just Say these things Aloud

● You and 98% of the population are of average intelligence.

● You have low self-esteem, you’re not stupid

● You are not poor, you live with a modest income that you will increase.

● You get ridiculed because you invite it, not because you deserve it.

● The people that ridicule you are insecure and not “cool people”.

● I never let a girl like me, not that they never liked me.

● You don’t offend people because you are a good person at heart.

● You lash out at your parents because they are easy targets. Stop it now.

● You let people take advantage of you and you will no longer allow it.


Must Do-Things


1. STOP thinking about what you have done wrong and START thinking about things that you have done well. If you always keep thinking about the bad things you will automatically think on them when you wake up, when you are on holiday, whenever you have time to think about yourself.

Try to write a diary, mentioning only the things where you succeeded.


2. Put yourself in a POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT.

Surround yourself with people that motivate you. Do things you like to do in your spare time and that make you happy. Get rid of the rest.


You wasted too much time on your negativity. Start to be positive. NOW and don’t give up after a few days. Changing your mindset is one of the hardest challenges. But if you don’t start to take responsibility  – who ever will?

So, never ask : Am I a loser ? Just believe on yourself and things will start working out.


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