About Me

Hello, Friend, this is Me(Abhishek) 🙂

All these started when I first got to know about blogs back in 2014, but never knew how to write a blog and from where to start. And finally, in September 2016, I entered the online world.

It wasn’t a great start but still managed somehow to learn many things how things work.

Honestly, I am not a full-time blogger but my interest in smartphones, android applications, Internet Websites, Entrepreneurship and some sort of life advice attracted me to start this blog and now here I am with Restinmydestiny.com . Founder, owner, and blogger of this site 🙂


And I appreciate your time to read this about section of my blog. I am really so excited to share my knowledge with you.


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This blog is basically an informative source where I share stuff about Entrepreneurship, Android Applications, Interesting Internet Websites, Social Networking things and social marketing strategy.


And don’t expect me to give you a boring long lecture on how this website is useful for you and why you should subscribe this blog to get all the future updates. No! I am not saying you such things. But yes, an important thing I do tell everyone. it’s simple. If you liked reading any of the blog/articles in Restinmydestiny.com , and you think it helped you to get some knowledge, please share it. Sharing increases knowledge, whereas reading alone kills your knowledge. Isn’t it?


This website might contain some affiliate links in some of the blogs and if you purchase anything from that affiliate link, I will get a small commission. And I am not forcing you to purchase those products if you like it and if it is in your budget, then only purchase. I don’t affiliate products that are of low quality or anything useless. You have all the freedom, you liked reading, share! You liked any affiliate product, purchase!! Simple:)


In case, you are the first time on my site, Most Welcome!! Surf through the pages to know more about it. And read to improve the heaven of your brain. Our brain does not shrink on reading, in fact, it gets broadened. So, no harm in reading things that do not cost you anything. Does it?


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