9 Future Career Options that will be reality after 10 years

9 Future Career Options in Technical Field

Have you ever thought how career options are going to change in future ? What will be the future career options ? How things will work ? Well , I am going to enlist the top 9 future career options which are unrealistic today . But these options will be in huge demand .

Apart from traditional career options like , Engineering , Doctor , Teacher and Lawyer , coming options  are quite different . Future is all about technical things working in place of non-technical . This is the basic theorem that applies in all of these technical career fields …


#1. Freelance Bio-hacker

They will be helpful in searching  treatments for things like Depression, Schizophrenia, Autism and Alzheimer’s. A freelance Bio-hacker will be a need in future.

Because stress and depression cases are increasing at fast pace giving rise to this new class of job.

#2. Space Tour Guide

These will be the people who will guide space tourist about different planets and celestial bodies around them . With the likes of Virgin Galactic already on the horizon, orbit travel will open a whole new area of jobs.


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#3. Virtual Reality Habitat Designer

By 2025, tens of millions of us will spend hours each day working and learning in virtual reality environments. A ‘VHD’ will design and create these worlds.


#4. Digital Cultural Commentator

Visual communication will dominate social media. Workers who can master this shared language of imagery will be will be much sought after as communicators to mass audiences by businesses and art institutions.


#5. Sustainable Power Inventor

These people will be experts in chemistry and material science, investing new battery storage capabilities to help cope with the power demands of an ever-growing digital world.


#6. Personal Content Curator

Personal content curators will help people to use systems to increase the storage capacity of their over-stretched minds, providing services that allow them to dip in and out of treasured memories and experiences at will.


#7. Ethical Technology Advocate

An ‘ETA’ will negotiate our delicate relationship with robots by setting the moral and ethical rules under which the machines operate and exist. These are the people who try to make sure Terminator doesn’t happen.


#8. Internet of things Data Creative

IOT (Internet of things Data Creative) data creatives will sift through the waves of data being generated each day by devices in our clothes, our homes, our cars and offices to find meaningful ways to tell us what all that information is saying.


#9. Human Body Designer

Human body designer will design working machinery  body parts . ‘HBDs’ will use bio-engineering know-how to create a huge range of customized human limbs – both fashionable and functional.


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