8 amazing PC/Internet tricks you must know

8 amazing PC/Internet tricks


Hello friends ! Today , I will tell you 9 amazing PC/Internet tricks that will make you smarter and your  work easier . 


Trick #1

 Have you ever tried Google Alarm ? No ? Just type Google Timer in google search
engine and you will see a timer . Just click on Start and automatically after 5 min , alarm will ring from Google . Congrats ! You just used online alarm !


Trick #2

Wanna see hidden password of your friend’s Facebook/google/any account ? Just go to Facebook login page(I am telling this for fb account) .

Right click on password tab . From the drop down list , click on Inspect Element and change input type to text(like <input type=”Text”>) and you will see the password .


Trick #3

 Want to download a mp3 file ? I know , about the fake websites that open when you try to download song from google . But this trick will help you to get the download link directly without going deep inside . Just type this on google : Intitle:Index.of?mp3 songname . You will get direct link to download mp3 file . Simple ? Isn’t it ?


Trick #4

 Do you want to unblock any website that google has blocked ? Just follow my instructions. Type Translate in google, click on Google Translate . On the first tab , write your blocked website URL and then click on Translate from adjacent toolbox . Now open the website . Done ? Right ?


Trick #5

 Enable God Mode on computer . Go to My Computer and then click on any other drive(I took recovery drive , for example ) Make a new folder and change its name to : GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} . You just copy this name and paste it as it is . And see the magic !!


Trick #6

 Do you want to compare two foods on ground of their nutritional value ? Just type : Food vs Food on Google . For example , type : bread vs banana .


Trick #7

 Lost your phone ? Now this trick will help you find it . Just type Find My Phone and google will give you lost-phone current location .


Trick #8

 Want to see magic of Surprise ? Just type : atari breakout in Google Images (Images ,not web !). Now play what you got . Interesting ! Isn’t it ?


If you find this helpful and informative , do share with your friends because I believe in sharing knowledge and tricks . And if you have any , leave a comment !!

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