5 Things to consider when you are depressed or stressed

  5 things to consider when you are depressed or stressed


I am sure you are not feeling better at this time , that’s why you are here reading this post . I just want to say one thing , whatever has caused you to feel depressed will look fine till the end of this post . I wrote this post 5 things to consider when you are depressed or stressed  to make you realize that it’s completely fine to fail or get stuck somewhere but it doesn’t mean the game is over.


1. The World don’t cares 

 Either you are depressed or dying , no one is going to care. Everyone has their own problem to face and their own life to deal in their own way .

Remember my friend , you are depressed but don’t expect anything like sympathy . No one is going to care the hell about you .


2. Never Ever Show Your Weakness To Anyone

If you cry , if you complain , if you show to the world that you are depressed , they will enjoy it because they are happy that you are too the victim .

They will misuse you , they will not take you seriously and you will be always an example to them for their useless conversation .


3. It’s Bad Day and Not Bad Life 

 Life is not bad and it is not torturing you by giving you depression , anxiety and stress . It’s all in the state of your mind .

You are depressed because according to you , your expectations are not up-to the mark . You are just imagining the non-happening things . Stop thinking about it  and relax .


4. Is it going to help ? 

 You should ask yourself this question every time when you feel depressed . You might not know but depression destroys your brain functioning to a certain extent .

If you are depressed , you are already in self destruction mode . Just believe me , this thing has nothing to do with your future life . Stop thinking what might go wrong if that particular work is not completed .


5. Stop Comparing Yourself From Your Peers

You are doing wrong to yourself if you are comparing your inability with others ability and hiding your ability at the same time .

It’s okay , if your friend is reading in a very well known college and you are in any not-so-famous type college . It is fine if you are not able to score good marks or you hate your high school .


Now I am asking you , is there any real reason which tells you to become depressed and start eating up your brain . I hope there is no reason and if there is , it is because you lack any of these ten things .


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